When in Rome..

CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave?
CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?


A couple weeks ago, I was on a great course in Rome with mixed people from all around the world with mixed seniorities.

It was a 3 day course on how to improve your consulting skills even more. We did practical exercises like fictitious workshops with different type of scenarios. I have never had a bad training at IBM. They are always very well planned with enthusiastic teachers. Great of IBM to know the importance of improving their employees’ skills!

Aside of great classroom training, we also spent one afternoon exploring Roma City together. People were from Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK, Belgium and Germany. I really like the connections you get on these trainings. The fact that we are all IBMers brings us closer as a group and have a great time together!

Some photos of the days:

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Best regards,
Peggy Poon



CbD second consulting course

Hey there!

I just came back to Sweden from a great course called Communication with Impact. This is one of the mandatory courses for all the graduates in the Consulting by Degrees program. I got sent to a very beautiful location called Latimer in Buckinghamshire.


As usual, the teachers were great. I believe IBM picks from the most enthusiastic people to become trainers of these Consulting by Degrees courses.  This intense 2-day course was really interesting. The objective was to make us to better communicators as consultants. We learnt a lot of presentation tips & tricks, but best of all – we got a lot feedback from the presentation exercises. It was great to learn my strengths and weaknesses! Definitely a good course!


And it is great that they mix graduates from different countries! Always great people!

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Alexandre, Amelie, Carmen, Christina, Dietrich, Dominykas, Matan, Lisa, Matthew, Moritz, Ntissar, Niomie, Elodie, Julia, Johanna, Sofia, Hanna, Oscar. Thanks for a great time in this palace!

Best regards,
Peggy Poon


IGE day – Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

On March 18th, a group of 40 young girls between the ages 13-15 visited us at the IBM office in Stockholm for the event “IGE-day”. Me and my colleagues have been planning this event for months aside of our projects, and the day ended up very successful!

“IGE-day” or “Introduce a girl to engineering day” is a nationwide initiative in Sweden by young women engineers and engineering students aiming to increase interest in technology and engineering professions among young women aged 12-19 years. About thirty Swedish companies invites young girls yearly to give them an insight into what the engineering profession entails and offer different learning activities where the girls get to improve their knowledge about technology and engineering.

IBM Sweden is one of the companies that are involved with this initiative and a handful of girls from different schools visited the IBM office in Kista. During the day, the girls participated in interesting and suggestive lectures. They also had the opportunity to follow an adjusted guided tour in our exhibition hall about IBM’s different solutions.

I am happy to hear that several girls decided to pursue a career in engineering. They were very active during the day by asking a lot of intelligent and interesting questions. I feel honored that I was given the opportunity to inspire young children to the digitized world!

Thank you for perfect team work Shela Hägglund, Therese Svensson and Gabriella Ahlbom!
And thank you for great support Marie C Nilsson and Susanna Salwén!

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Best regards,
Peggy Poon

The best course I have ever attended

Last week, I was in Prague for one of the mandatory consulting courses that all CbDers take during their two CbD years. This course is held in different countries, and they mix CbDers from all around Europe. Some of my colleagues went to Brussels, others are going to UK next week, and I got selected for Prague. The purpose of this course is to sharpen our consulting skills!

FCS Prague Nov 15
The participants and the tutors

When I arrived to the hotel with Sofia (another CbDer from Sweden), the receptionist told us that the course tutor asked her to forward all the IBMers to the meeting room. In there, friendly Henry Donald welcomed us to Prague and gave us sightseeing advice. Prague is absolutely a pretty city!

A picture from one of the days when we explored beautiful Prague in the evening.

The course started on Tuesday but some of us arrived on Monday, so Henry arranged a dinner at a great Czech restaurant. Some Czech CbDers joined us even though none of them were going to participate in the course. This is a great thing about IBM; there are IBMers in whatever country you visit.

Some CbDers and the tutors
Welcome to the FCS course

Before I arrived, people had told me this is a great course. But I did not understand it was THIS good? This was the best course I have ever attended. I think someone said it has been run for over 25 years. It was a very intensive 3-day course, and they must have invested a lot money on it. The tutors had great pedagogical skills, presentation skills and acting skills. I could feel how much time and energy they put to organize the course. Their enthusiasm shined through! Thank you Henry, Benedikt, Jonny, Gabi and Larisa!

A mix of IBMers from Sweden, Denmark, UK, France, Germany and Slovakia.

Best regards,
Peggy Poon


I have been a part of a team organizing an IBM event for university students. Since this is an event for swedish students, I will copy the description from the website:

Vill du arbeta som konsult inom ett av världens ledande företag inom informationsteknik med fler än 430 000 medarbetare och tusentals teknik- och affärspartners världen över? Vi erbjuder dig chansen att få en inblick i IBMs konsultverksamhet Global Business Services under avslappnade former och avnjuta lättare mingelmat och dricka. Under Women@IBM-eventet kommer du få höra om spännande karriärsmöjligheter från våra inspirationstalare, lära dig mer om IBMs tvååriga graduate program Consulting by Degrees och få chansen att mingla med juniora och seniora konsulter för att få svar på alla dina frågor. Eventet är ett informationsevent som hålls på svenska och är riktat till kvinnliga studenter. För att få komma på eventet vill vi att du skickar in en ansökan med ditt CV. Begränsat antal platser, sista ansökningsdag är den 17 november.


Press on the poster above to apply 🙂

Business Connect Event

Hello everyone!

As an IBMer, you will get invites to events quite often. Today, I was helping out on IBM Business Connect 2015 (#IBMBC15SE). This was an event about the digital transformation. There were speakers like Fredrik Reinfeldt, the digital evangelist Dietmar Dahmen, the team behind Wimbledon’s digital investment, IBM-experts and other companies that have made big progress by making use of the digital transformation. It was a good event and the speakers were very interesting to listen to! Also, I had fun being a host together with 45 other IBMers.

Around 1400 people attended (Business Partners, guests, speakers, IBMers etc)

A group photo of some of us

Another picture of my team

Here are some of IBM’s partners. Before people started to come.

My CbD colleague is working

Johan Rittner, Country General Manager of IBM Sweden is having a speech.

Previous prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt had a speech about leadership.

SAP Bootcamp in Denmark

Here is an update about the SAP Bootcamp. I will start by saying; it was a great week!

There were CbDers from UK, Norway, Denmark and Sweden (me). The teachers were from the US and taught us about the most common modules in the whole SAP. Personally, I think this bootcamp was great! We learnt about the processes that drive business and utilization of an enterprise system, master data entry and integration points between modules in SAP. Included modules were FI, CO, MM, WM, SD, PP, PP-PI, PM , PM, AA, PA. We performed exercises in an SAP system to create master data used through out the class to make decisions and perform transactions in the system.

We (SAP CbDers) are all assigned to different modules, but getting an overview of all the modules and learning how everything is connected to each other is absolutely beneficial for the future. We also had a look at the new products SAP HANA, SAP Simple Finance and SAP SuccessFactors. The week ended with an integration test! Well done Jeff and Michael!

This is the classroom we were at:In the picture: Estelle(UK), Jordan(UK), Sharon(UK), Kristoffer(NO), Lars(NO), Kim(DK), David(UK), Julie(DK), Josephine(DK). The teachers Jeff Yowell and Michael Dendy are also in the picture. And then we have me(SE), Ruth(UK) and Habib(UK) behind the scenes at the moment 🙂
The IBM Denmark location we were at:

And ofcourse, we all explored Copenhagen together after work: The mandatory selfie 
  The first dinner in Cph Cheers! Two happy danish guys celebrated Octoberfest and joined the picture!
Estelle, Lars, Kristoffer, Sharon, David, Jordan, me and Ruth.

 A good dinner! In the picture: David, Lars, Renee (a norweigan grad from the IBM Global Sales School 2015) and Kristoffer.

Thanks for a great week everyone! We will all meet again in the IBM world!