The first steps of a CbDer in the client

Almost two months ago, the new Spanish CbDers were quite nervous because we did not know which projects were going to be assigned. During the two-week introduction, our IBM mentors did not want us to be distracted, so they wait until the last day for the big announcement. Finally, our coordinator, Maria José Sánchez Aranda, told us one by one in which client we were going to start our career as a consultant. Me and my mate Cristina Bellerín were assigned to the project IBM Sterling in one of the largest retailers in Europe!

The first thing to be made…go shopping! A couple of suits, shirts, ties, shoes…You have to be smart in front of the client! Some purchases later, I was ready for my first day.

When we arrived to the office, we got a warm welcome from our new colleagues and our project manager, Nuria Vadillo. Our first meeting was with her, giving us an overview of one of the largest projects in the country.  It consists in the transformation of the company into a true omnichannel Retailer. We are in the functional team in the implementation of Sterling OMS as Order Management and Global Inventory Visibility system for the orders captured through the client websites and call centers.

In the functional team of the project we work with two CbDers who have already spent two years at IBM, Carlos Villuendas  and Alejandro Fernández Alderete. Thanks to them, we are learning a lot about the client and the product, IBM Sterling, as well as developing our consultant skills. Furthermore, another former CbDer, Ángel Roldán gives us great advanced lessons about the technical aspects of the project.

From the beginning, they have taught the different processes and workflows that have been designed for our client, depending on the fulfillment type: Home Delivery, Click and Send, Click and Collect…different channels with the same goal: optimize the customer shopping experience.

As part of our training, they have also prepared unexpected problems, in order to get used to the consultant life. For instance, a few hours before a meeting, Carlos told me I was the one who was going to present to the client two possible solutions to fulfill a requirement. Therefore, unexpectedly, I found myself in front of four strangers ( 2business analysts, the client’s architect and the development manager) showing different flows that we had designed. And it was all good! They seemed to understand me quite well, eventough I thought I was talking in Chinese (retailer languague). Such details make us better as a professional, and they make us learn much faster.

Today, and I think I speak on behalf of all my new CbDers colleagues, we feel that we have been working on our project for ages, not because we have got bored (quite the opposite), but because every day is very intense and we get new information every second. Our business is all about learning and do it FAST.

I do not want to say goodbye without thanking the Project team for adopting us as a family, teaching us and bearing our questions every day. I am really proud to be part of this team and belong to IBM!

Best regards




Networking and Meeting Other Young Professionals in Spain

Paula Ocana Nestor, Madrid, Spain

Last October I became part of this big community of IBM, being part of the GBS graduate program of Madrid, Spain. As this was my first job, I was Paula 2 naturally worried about how work will be and how can I meet new IBMers.

Since the first moment, all my doubts disappeared: in the orientation week, I had the chance to meet all the other new colleagues. In order to get to know each other better, we organized some events. We went to the bowling alley, had some “tapas”, and we also played paddle tennis.

Additionally, we had formal meetings with our official mentor and people manager who helped us orient our work career and introduced us to IBM connections pages. We also have a coach who is a young professional that can help us with all the day-to-day questions and share their experiences in IBM. And, as everything is better with some food, we went to eat 2 meters of pizza with them in a trendy restaurant in Madrid!!

As new joiners, we also had a wonderful welcome from the current graduates. They organized a party for us that was full of surprises. They created a “buddy program” in which each of us have a buddy, who it is a graduate from the last year. This buddy is the person to whom we feel confident to ask all the silly questions that we all have and sometimes do not dare to ask Thanks to all these events we had the chance to meet new IBMers and we didn’t stop meeting them. Some of our last activities were playing poker and dining on a wonderful terrace.

Finally, I want to thank all the IBMers who were involved in these activities for making our start in IBM wonderful. We encourage other IBMers to participate in these activities!