You’re Never Too Young to be a Leader

By: M. Constanza Mascort – Buenos Aires, Argentina

You’re Never Too Young To Be A Leader –

Is a leader born or made? What does leadership really mean?

These are triggering issues that have been addressed by many authors throughout modern history. But theory won´t be my point today. I would like to introduce myself and just share a short experience with you.

I am an Argentinean CBDer who joined IBM last August. By then, I had my Degree in Business Administration and was a Candidate of the Accountant Degree program. I was only a few subjects away from graduating, until, some months ago, I finally achieved this.

Let´s go to the interesting part. Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to start a Leadership Course at my former University. At the beginning, we introduced each other and learned about how the course will be developed during the following classes. In a short period of time, without realizing, we were submerged in the subject. And all of a sudden a very interesting conclusion was shaped.

I was surrounded by experienced adults from very different disciplines. And most of them decided to enroll to this course to improve their leadership abilities and capabilities with their employees. They were surprised to hear that LEADERSHIP begins with us as young people. We MUST LEAD OURSELVES, and then, we will be ready to apply our experience and knowledge to others. Although it can be easy to become satisfied with our most recent achievements, there is always a lot more that we can do.
In this post, I would like to invite you to go through a thoughtful retrospection and focus on leading yourselves!!

Furthermore, I would like to share an article I read not long ago. I believe it can be applied in our daily routine. Hope you enjoy it!

You’re Never Too Young To Be A Leader -