IBM Consulting by Degrees

A world-class leadership and development program designed to groom top, entry-level business consultants into tomorrow’s leaders.

Consulting by Degrees was developed to help you experience, grow and transform your consulting career by providing you with the full spectrum of practical project experience, training and development necessary to successfully launch and accelerate your career. The program targets higher performers by providing focused training, one-on-one mentoring, and career guidance to help you gain the expertise and know-how that you need to become future partners and executives.

Throughout the program, you’ll benefit from continuous on-the-job learning and mentorship from some of the best and brightest minds in the business. You’ll also have a tailored education plan with both required and optional courses that will act as building blocks to developing your expertise and attaining promotion to the next level and beyond.

Designed by experts to help new consultants become tomorrow’s leaders, Consulting by Degrees gives you the opportunity to:

Personalized career planning and mentoring guide you as you develop your leadership and consulting skills. The path below shows how your learning and development leads to opportunities for career advancement.


Interested in becoming a CbD:er? Click here.


One thought on “IBM Consulting by Degrees

  1. Having participated in IBM Africa institute training in 2012 gave me an insight of good work done by IBM and now this blog which sheds more light.Crossing my fingers hopeful to be selected in this year CBD program in Kenya.Thanks Team.

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