What do you know about IBM Watson?

m5xbsgp3zxjvkztcxo4oDisclaimer: this article is my own opinion  and research and doesn’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, beliefs,strategies or opinions.


A key buzzword round IBM and in the Cognitive world is ‘Watson’. Watson is a super computer which combines advanced Artificial Intelligence and analytical software for unprecedented performance as a “question answering” machine. Watson is named after IBM’s founder, Thomas J. Watson.

Basically, Watson parses questions into different keywords and sentence fragments in order to find statistically related phrases. It then searches its extensive databases for results and answers  the user’s question or input with high accuracy. The more you use Watson, the smarter it gets as it learns from your input! Watson can be used as chatbots, to improve customer service and as  cognitive analytics system amongst multiple other uses.

Here’s a great introduction video about how Watson works;

Watson originally rose to fame when it won the US show Jeopardy in 2011 against former winners Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.  You can view the win below;

A further in-depth study can be found Here

The videos below also offer a deeper insight into Watson’s capabilities.

Today Watson offers a variety of services as detailed below;

  • Watson Conversation

Quickly build, test and deploy bots or virtual agents across mobile devices, messaging platforms, or even on a physical robot to create natural conversations between your apps and users.

  • Watson Virtual Agent

Quickly configure virtual agents with company information, using pre-built content and engage customers in a conversational, personalized manner, on any channel.

  • Watson Knowledge Studio

Teach Watson to discover meaningful insights in unstructured text without writing any code.

  • watson iconExplore Watson APIs

Use Watson language, conversation, speech, vision and data insight APIs to add cognitive functionality to your application or service.


Watson has been used by the medical, business and even fashion industries in a variety of ways. You can discover different cases of Watson in action – Here

Check out a tonne of more information about Watson and Cognitive on the IBM Youtube channels;


I hope you learnt a bit more about Watson- ‘Til the next time!


~Ruth Websdale

Ruth Websdale

IBM Business Consultant




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