Training – Round 2 Blog Post


One of the many cool things about the CbD program is that we go through training every six months for two years.

Your very first two weeks on the job will be training, then six months later, then six months after that, and then six months after that.

Each training session covers a different topic. I just completed my second round of training and it was entitled, “Think on Your Feet.” It was an enlightening course, which taught skills on how to answer questions, speak succinctly, and organize thoughts. It was only two days long and it took place in North Carolina.

Training is worth your while for many reasons. First, you learn a few useful tips and tricks to use in your career. Second, you can put a new certification on your internal resume. Third, it’s a nice break from your usual schedule. Fourth, you get to reconnect with a lot of your peers whom you may not have seen since the previous training session. I was able to see a few friends whom I had met six months earlier. It was awesome to catch up and see what everyone had gotten up to during those six months. Additionally, old friends can introduce you to new friends. This is great from a social and a networking aspect.

As I mentioned, my most recent training took place in North Carolina. However, it was right when the final of the March Madness basketball tournament was happening. For those who don’t know, North Carolina was in the final! A large portion of us CbDers went out to a bar to watch the game (photo attached).

After two quick days it was time to go home. I said goodbye to some people, as I wouldn’t see them again for six more months. As for my fellow New Yorkers, many of us had the same flight back home.

All in all, training is enjoyable. It’s kind of like going back to school for a short stint and being joined by a few friends.

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– Austin Begin
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