CbD second consulting course

Hey there!

I just came back to Sweden from a great course called Communication with Impact. This is one of the mandatory courses for all the graduates in the Consulting by Degrees program. I got sent to a very beautiful location called Latimer in Buckinghamshire.


As usual, the teachers were great. I believe IBM picks from the most enthusiastic people to become trainers of these Consulting by Degrees courses.  This intense 2-day course was really interesting. The objective was to make us to better communicators as consultants. We learnt a lot of presentation tips & tricks, but best of all – we got a lot feedback from the presentation exercises. It was great to learn my strengths and weaknesses! Definitely a good course!


And it is great that they mix graduates from different countries! Always great people!

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Alexandre, Amelie, Carmen, Christina, Dietrich, Dominykas, Matan, Lisa, Matthew, Moritz, Ntissar, Niomie, Elodie, Julia, Johanna, Sofia, Hanna, Oscar. Thanks for a great time in this palace!

Best regards,
Peggy Poon



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