IGE day – Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

On March 18th, a group of 40 young girls between the ages 13-15 visited us at the IBM office in Stockholm for the event “IGE-day”. Me and my colleagues have been planning this event for months aside of our projects, and the day ended up very successful!

“IGE-day” or “Introduce a girl to engineering day” is a nationwide initiative in Sweden by young women engineers and engineering students aiming to increase interest in technology and engineering professions among young women aged 12-19 years. About thirty Swedish companies invites young girls yearly to give them an insight into what the engineering profession entails and offer different learning activities where the girls get to improve their knowledge about technology and engineering.

IBM Sweden is one of the companies that are involved with this initiative and a handful of girls from different schools visited the IBM office in Kista. During the day, the girls participated in interesting and suggestive lectures. They also had the opportunity to follow an adjusted guided tour in our exhibition hall about IBM’s different solutions.

I am happy to hear that several girls decided to pursue a career in engineering. They were very active during the day by asking a lot of intelligent and interesting questions. I feel honored that I was given the opportunity to inspire young children to the digitized world!

Thank you for perfect team work Shela Hägglund, Therese Svensson and Gabriella Ahlbom!
And thank you for great support Marie C Nilsson and Susanna Salwén!

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Best regards,
Peggy Poon


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