We Will We Will Rock Big Blue!

Buddy you’re a voice make a big noise
Kicking projects gonna be a big man some day
We got passion on our face
Big differentiate
Putting our client all over first place


We will we will rock Big Blue!
We will we will rock Big Blue!

Three Consulting by Degrees Program participants from the 2015 batch, including me, were the guest speakers in the Town Hall in Turkey. We presented the Consulting by Degrees Program.

Also we tried to spread some energy to the room with our version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” song: “We Will Rock Big Blue” J  The lyrics is rewritten by us and covered by our colleague Gökçe Moroy.

If you wonder, you can listen to our song. Click here.


Doing a presentation in front of the company was a great experience for me. Frankly, at first I felt a little bit nervous when I thought about talking on stage. Then I reminded myself that we are doing this presentation not only to inform people about our program but also to have fun. So I breathed, smiled and did my part. It was really fun.

I would like to share the highlights from our presentation:

– Consulting by Degrees (CbD) Program is a compass for new graduates starting to work at IBM Global Business Services.

– It is a leadership development program; it is designed to groom entry-level business consultants into tomorrow’s leaders.

-It is a two-years program. During these two years, it gives us the chance to gain practical experience in different projects and industries. Also to discover in which areas we want to focus on and grow in our career.

– There are 12 CbDers that are based in İstanbul, Turkey.

– Fresh out of the school we came to IBM with our fresh mind, curiosity, creativity and readiness to learn and create new ideas. The CbD program is formed to grow these characteristics to develop our career and to help the transformation of IBM.

Four takeaways: Think, Sing, Transform and Have Fun! 🙂

Nazlı Ece Usta
Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.34.47


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