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Congratulations! You’ve just been hired into the Consulting by Degrees program at IBM.
All of that hard work at school has paid off. No more filtering through countless job postings, no more tweaking your resume, and no more tedious cover letters. Right? Not quite.

Now it’s time to get staffed on a project.

I spoke in a previous post about the “bench” and how it’s the in-between limbo period between projects. I did not, however, speak about how exactly to find a new project.

There’s a portal online where you can find all of the open spots on projects. You find one for which you feel qualified and you submit your resume and a short cover letter expressing why you believe you are a good fit. Does this process seem familiar? It’s a lot like apply for jobs.

Don’t be intimidated. If you are brand-new to the CbD program, people know it. It’s all in the open. Thankfully, there are roles on projects that new-hires can assume. Then you start developing more skills.

Not only that, but you also have a CbD manager who is working his/her inner network to identify open spots for you.

Then the interviewing process starts. It can be as easy as a 5-minute phone call. It’s an opportunity for the project to see if you’re a good fit. If you get it, great! If not, don’t stress.

My advice: always be honest. If interviewing for a role, don’t make yourself out to be something you’re not. Don’t tell them you’re an Excel wiz if you’re not. Telling them your skills and what you want to learn will help them decide if you’re a good fit. For example, if you tell them you’re looking for a business analyst role, they may not think you’re a good fit for their project, but they may have a contact who is looking for exactly that. Being honest is the right way to go.

The process is not nearly as stressful as applying for jobs. At this point, you’ve already been employed by IBM, and that is a great place to start.


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