Benching with the Best of them

Hey everyone!

As you’ve probably gathered from the other blogs the CbD graduate scheme works a little differently from other ones. Rather than simply doing ‘a job’, the CbD grad scheme encourages graduates to take roles with different IBM clients in a whole variety of roles for a set period of time. This means that graduates can get an amazing amount of varied experience and try a whole range of roles.


However, it’s important to find roles which you’re interested in and which will suit your skills so it’s worth taking a little time to find the right one. When you’re in between roles you’re known as being ‘on the bench’. You can use this time for a variety things.

Primarily should be role hunting of course, IBM has its own role searching system and it’s a good chance to do more networking and see what’s going on within your own network.  Alongside role searching though,  it’s a brilliant chance to do training courses to improve your skills and also take part in ‘Give Back’ activities. IBM has thousands of courses available for its employees and you’re encouraged to embark on these to develop yourself.


I’ve been on the bench a couple of weeks now and have been able to use the time to make some new network connections, catch up on the IBM news and do multiple training courses – mostly in testing which I hope to work in soon.  I’m also hoping to get a give back opportunity with helping run assessment centers.  Alongside that I’m also looking for a new role of course.

It’s really cool being somewhere which encourages you to be more than your job!

-Ruth, Technical Consultant@IBM




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