IBM locations NYC

There is one constant when being a consultant: variety. Variety of project, of people, of places.

Sometimes you might find the subject matter incredibly intriguing, and sometimes you might not. Sometimes you may love the client location, and sometimes you may not. Sometimes the office may be wide open, and sometimes it may be a smaller area of focus.

After seeing a handful of different locations, my favorite location is one of IBM’s. IBM has multiple locations in NYC and the one of which I am most fond is called Astor Place.

This location comes fully equipped with standing desks, comfy couches, personal cubbies, and a small kitchenette stocked with assorted coffee and tea products.

What more could a consultant need?

Astor is the place where a lot of interactive experience and mobile (iX&M) project are housed. As one who is more creative than anything else, I love it there.

Check out the photos below, they show a few of my favorite parts of the office.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only reason I know that this is my favorite workplace is because I have seen many different workplaces. That’s what is good about having a variety of experiences: you start to learn what works for you and what could work better. You learn what types of projects, what types of roles, and what types of locations you think are most conducive to your productivity.

You may find that there are many types of locations or project types that work for you, and all the better for it. Being versatile is a great trait to have as a consultant.

Thanks for reading!


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