Role Variety within CbD

Hi all,

One of the best things about being on the CbD grad scheme is the sheer variety of partner companies and roles on offer to a graduate. Due to its global nature, IBM has clients all over the world and is constantly involved in multiple exciting projects.


This is an amazing advantage when you’re starting your career and aren’t sure exactly what you want to work in since the grad scheme advises you to try as many different projects as possible to provide you with a good range of experience and skills. For example, I have just finished my first role as associate project manager for a large bank. I have then been provided with the means and support by IBM to find a new role which I am interested in rather than automatically being assigned one. IBM provide its employees with the ability to search for roles through its intranet and view the client, role description level and key skills before then applying.



Although I enjoyed my first role at a bank, I was very keen to find a more social role or something in business analytics to allow me to expand my skills and work with new people. Fortunately I came across a role working with an environmental client which really suited my personal interests so have been able to apply for that within IBM and hopefully embark on a new more people-orientated and CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social) related role! It isn’t every graduate job which lets you shape your career so much to suit you- especially not in the first year!

Learn more about CAMS Here

~Ruth, Technical Consultant @IBM




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