The Daily Life

Hello readers!

I’ve always been a morning person. Call me crazy but even during my summer vacations I would go to bed early just to wake up and run with the sun every single day…okay…maybe not every day.

One thing about being on a project that’s semi-local, is that I have to wake up early. I wake up, go for a quick run (on the treadmill), and then make it to the client site while the sun is rising.

There’s an interesting mix of energies in the morning. Some people are serenely relaxed, others are jumpy and agitated, and others are disheveled and clearly late. The vast majority of whom are wearing headphones and listening to their own soundtrack.

Walking down a street in NYC with headphones on is a way to jump into your own little world, which is ironic because your own little world is often right next to the million other little worlds of the rest of the morning commuters.

Moments like these are useful in letting your mind take a breather. I’ve been spending my days as a scribe: I take meeting minutes. A doable task, and not necessarily a forgiving one. The role requires me to pay attention to every second of the meeting, while simultaneously writing notes and making sure it all makes sense. There is no time for the small vacations that we call daydreams or else I might miss something critical.

Having my mind focused for a long string of hours allows it to appreciate the moments where it can relax, which are primarily these morning moments. I am prepared for my day, nearly at the client site. My mind is relaxed; it is free to wander, and my most pressing thought at the moment is what everyone else is listening to in their own little worlds.

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