The best course I have ever attended

Last week, I was in Prague for one of the mandatory consulting courses that all CbDers take during their two CbD years. This course is held in different countries, and they mix CbDers from all around Europe. Some of my colleagues went to Brussels, others are going to UK next week, and I got selected for Prague. The purpose of this course is to sharpen our consulting skills!

FCS Prague Nov 15
The participants and the tutors

When I arrived to the hotel with Sofia (another CbDer from Sweden), the receptionist told us that the course tutor asked her to forward all the IBMers to the meeting room. In there, friendly Henry Donald welcomed us to Prague and gave us sightseeing advice. Prague is absolutely a pretty city!

A picture from one of the days when we explored beautiful Prague in the evening.

The course started on Tuesday but some of us arrived on Monday, so Henry arranged a dinner at a great Czech restaurant. Some Czech CbDers joined us even though none of them were going to participate in the course. This is a great thing about IBM; there are IBMers in whatever country you visit.

Some CbDers and the tutors
Welcome to the FCS course

Before I arrived, people had told me this is a great course. But I did not understand it was THIS good? This was the best course I have ever attended. I think someone said it has been run for over 25 years. It was a very intensive 3-day course, and they must have invested a lot money on it. The tutors had great pedagogical skills, presentation skills and acting skills. I could feel how much time and energy they put to organize the course. Their enthusiasm shined through! Thank you Henry, Benedikt, Jonny, Gabi and Larisa!

A mix of IBMers from Sweden, Denmark, UK, France, Germany and Slovakia.

Best regards,
Peggy Poon


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