Getting Oriented

Welcome back to our IBM Consulting by Degrees blog!

Following my previous posts, I will now go further on personal experiences about the IBM Consulting by Degrees Graduate Programme.

I became part of IBM last July and during the initial orientation week, I had the chance to meet some of my new colleagues (including senior managers) in a graduate event that took place in Athens and was organized entirely by IBM Greece. There was a presentation about the programme and the development opportunities a graduate has through that as well as the experiences that other fellow graduates had so far. There was also a talk about IBM’s overall structure and stories from senior managers about moments that mostly enjoy during a project or even difficulties they meet and hints how to overcome them.

The idea is that whatever the service line you belong, IBM’s culture is to motivate both graduates and experienced professionals to engage with knowledge, take initiatives and learn from that process. In addition, all people are very willing to help you engage with IBM’s processes and give you instructions to make the most out of them. From the first day, I had the chance to cooperate with exceptional IBMers in terms of quality, professionalism and integrity; values that IBM possesses throughout the years.

Furthermore, I had a formal meeting with my manager during the orientation week, which helped me orient my work, gave me an overview of the projects undertaken at the moment and how graduates are expected to contribute in the early stages in order to gain skills and grow personally and professionally. He gave me invaluable tips for the future projects I would be involved and I am very glad to have practiced them with success. Among others, there is a mandatory course that new joiners should attend, which gives guidelines about IBM connection pages, how to become visible and some general networking principles.

To conclude this post, if you are interested in any of the topics discussed above, please feel free to comment.

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