My First Assignment


What have I been up to, you might ask? Well…

For the past 8 weeks, I held the position of PMA (Project Manager Assistant) on a project with a telecommunications company.

This project was located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, which is a simple 1-hour drive from NYC.

My schedule: Monday mornings I would wake up before the sun, walk to my car rental location, drive the hour (traffic permitting) and arrive at the client site. Each evening I would go to my hotel in New Jersey and drive to work each morning. Then on Thursday afternoon I’d drive back to NYC, return my car, and work remotely on Fridays.

I felt fortunate that I wasn’t traveling to a location that required me to fly every week. I’m not the biggest fan of flying, and I’ve heard horror stories of delay after delay. That being said, I have a few friends and fellow CbDers who love to fly and would choose to fly over local any day.

As far as my actual role on the project, I learned a lot and gained many skills. However, one particularly important skill that I learned: How to take very accurate and concise meeting minutes (notes). I’ve taken notes my entire life at school. However, those were always for my own reference. It’s a different story when you find yourself taking notes that someone else will need later on (especially if your handwriting isn’t exactly legible. Especially if the subject matter is somewhat foreign, it can take a little while to get all the lingo down.

I’ve included a few tips for great notetaking:

  1. Type fast.
  2. Separate the action items. Pull out the important pieces that require someone to take action. Note who is responsible for which item. Prioritize the items.
  3. Summarize notes into succinct, yet accurate bullet points. This will help whoever is reading the notes to get the point right away.
  4. Note the details of the meeting: time, location, who attended.

These are invaluable tips I learned that I can take with me on any future projects, and I’m very glad to have learned them.

So far so good, I’d say. I’m excited to find a new project to join and to show them how great my notes can be.

Here is a photo of the beautiful New Jersey morning sky. We don’t get this great a view of the sky between the many sky-scrapers in NYC, that’s for sure.

Morning Photo

Until next time,


Austin Begin Photo Headshot



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