The first weeks

Hi all.

It has been almost one month since I started the CbD program, so I will tell you what I think about it so far!


My first two weeks started with an onboarding programme where me and my grad-team got computers, cellphones, simcards etc. Our schedule program contained of online live training courses, introductions from different service lines and managers, welcome calls with the whole Europe and a superfun Watson competition. Me and my grad-team got to know each other much better thanks to this onboarding programme. We were always together, ate lunch together and watched the online courses together in booked rooms. The CbD programme made me feel like I was in high school again – the grad team was like my school class. We started a facebook group and tried to arrange activities together. Being a CbDer is a once in a lifetime thing!


After the onboarding, the reality started! We are all in GBS (Global Business Services), but in different service lines; Enterprise Application, Business Analytics & Strategy, Interactive Experience and Application Development & Innovation. So we are all doing stuff related to our own service line. For me, I have helped out the IBM Business Partner Summit event and tried to finish the mandatory CbD e-learning courses.


So, what I have been doing the most these days is to study for a certification. Other service lines do not have to take certifications, they are just sent to internal or external projects as soon as possible. For me, in the SAP EA service line, I have to take a certification before I get sent anywhere. Except for studying, I have been organizing an event called Women@IBM with a team. And yesterday was the first pay day. Me and my grad team went out for a great afterwork 🙂 

Coming weeks

Now, the coming monday, I am going to Denmark for the SAP bootcamp. Some other grads are going to London for a course. Let me keep you updated again after the bootcamp!


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