SAP Bootcamp in Denmark

Here is an update about the SAP Bootcamp. I will start by saying; it was a great week!

There were CbDers from UK, Norway, Denmark and Sweden (me). The teachers were from the US and taught us about the most common modules in the whole SAP. Personally, I think this bootcamp was great! We learnt about the processes that drive business and utilization of an enterprise system, master data entry and integration points between modules in SAP. Included modules were FI, CO, MM, WM, SD, PP, PP-PI, PM , PM, AA, PA. We performed exercises in an SAP system to create master data used through out the class to make decisions and perform transactions in the system.

We (SAP CbDers) are all assigned to different modules, but getting an overview of all the modules and learning how everything is connected to each other is absolutely beneficial for the future. We also had a look at the new products SAP HANA, SAP Simple Finance and SAP SuccessFactors. The week ended with an integration test! Well done Jeff and Michael!

This is the classroom we were at:In the picture: Estelle(UK), Jordan(UK), Sharon(UK), Kristoffer(NO), Lars(NO), Kim(DK), David(UK), Julie(DK), Josephine(DK). The teachers Jeff Yowell and Michael Dendy are also in the picture. And then we have me(SE), Ruth(UK) and Habib(UK) behind the scenes at the moment 🙂
The IBM Denmark location we were at:

And ofcourse, we all explored Copenhagen together after work: The mandatory selfie 
  The first dinner in Cph Cheers! Two happy danish guys celebrated Octoberfest and joined the picture!
Estelle, Lars, Kristoffer, Sharon, David, Jordan, me and Ruth.

 A good dinner! In the picture: David, Lars, Renee (a norweigan grad from the IBM Global Sales School 2015) and Kristoffer.

Thanks for a great week everyone! We will all meet again in the IBM world!


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