Life as a Consultant

Being a consultant is about making yourself essential to the client and project you’re working on. This generally means you need to be client site for at least the majority of the working week and it can feel like your life rather becomes your job.  It’s pretty vital therefore to keep a balance between your work and personal life. It’s super important to push yourself at work and make sure you’re offering the client your best work  but it’s equally important not to drain yourself as you won’t stay enjoying your job if you feel like a zombie.

At the moment I work up in Edinburgh but am London based so I fly up on a monday and back on a thursday and live in a hotel. The novelty of living in a nice hotel in the week hasn’t worn off for me yet so I still enjoy it but I am definitely having a life of living out of a suitcase now!

When you’re a consultant, you need to learn how to present yourself and act in the workplace. This generally means being in business wear and acting in a professional and considered manner whilst also making sure you’re fully aware with what’s happening in the project. One of the main things i’ve found is always confirm your understanding of a task- it’s no good thinking you’re ‘probably’ doing it right- just ask, you’ll get to know your team more and produce better work!

Depending on your project, it can be tricky to have a good social life whilst at your project. Some projects are full of other graduates and have lots of events being run whilst others may have a more senior team to them. There are pros and cons to both kinds; it’s fun to hang out with other grads but it can be harder to stand out on in a project like that and you can make good networking contacts on a more senior project! So just make the most out of whatever you’re working on and get involved with as much as possible 🙂


/ Ruth Websdale


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