Importance of Team Building

When you spend all day working with a team it can be easy to forget that they’re people just like you with their own interests and not just ‘people at work’. Knowing your team on a more social level is essential to good team work and for building trust and relationships between people.  Things like going for lunch or dinner with your team can be good fun as well as helpful for getting to know each other and helping you to take a personal interest in your colleagues.

I find this kind of socialising quite challenging as i’m not great when I can’t quickly spot ‘common ground’ to talk to someone about and it’s hard to gauge a person’s interests from just working with them. To counteract this, i make an effort in my current PMO role to be readily available and always happy to help so people won’t see me as unfriendly or unwilling!

The previous APM suggested to me that a team building event might be fun and useful to do, so we came up with the idea of doing an ‘Escape the Room’ challenge. Escape the room is a logic puzzle/game where teams have to work together to solve their ‘mission’ using logic and clues. I decided to organise the event and began sourcing a good venue.

It turned out there were a few of these places but I decided on Escape Hour ‘’ as it had great Trip Advisor reviews and i’m happy to say it was a successful event!

I split the 17 who were interested in playing into three teams and then two teams did the same spy mission ‘Major Plotts Revenge’ as a race whilst the other played another game ‘The Diamond Heist’.

I won’t give away anything about the games themselves as they’re so much fun to do but it was a really cool chance to use your logic and team skills (and see who knew their phonetic alphabet)!

I had a lot of great feedback from my team for the event and many people said they’d do it again so I consider that a success!


/ Ruth Websdale


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