Hello from the UK!


I’m Ruth and i’m a recent grad on the IBM consulting by degrees grad scheme. I only started in July but have already had some brilliant experiences and met some very talented people- so here’s to more of that!

I come from an IT and Business Management background so was keen to find a company and grad scheme where I could fully utilise all that i’d learnt on my course.  IBM appealed to me for it’s global status and strong beliefs in equality within the company.
When I found i’d gotten onto the scheme I was thrilled (and totally wasn’t playing video games) and couldn’t wait to start.
My training was at IBM Hursley which has beautiful grounds and an IBM museum!
IBM Hursley
I was one of 23 new joiners (but only 7 girls!) and spent the next four weeks with some great trainers learning the basics of IBM and consulting as well as management and technical skills. It was a great refresh after finishing my degree and definitely got me in the right mindset for work.
At the end of my training we had a group presentation and our final feedback which was a bit nerve-wracking but great to do. By this point most people had gotten their first client projects and were preparing to go their separate ways so it was goodbye for now to my amazing CbD group!

I’m now working on my first client project in Scotland and was lucky enough to get to go on the SAP training Peggy mentioned in one of her posts
It was an amazing time in Denmark and I look forwards to posting more here about my IBM experience!


/Ruth Websdale


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