Hello from Greece!

Hello and welcome to this blog,

I am Georgios and I joined IBM Greece on July 1st, 2015 through the “Consulting by Degrees” (CbD) graduate scheme. I am a Foundation Strategy Consultant within IBM’s Global Business Service Business Unit and Business Analytics & Strategy (BA&S) Service Line. I am also a member of the IBM Big Data and Business Analytics Center of Competence located in Athens. My experience is great so far as I have had the opportunity to meet very talented and helpful people and in some cases work with them in projects.

I come from a Computer Science and Digital Marketing with e-Commerce background, so finding a company that I would practice what I learnt throughout my degrees was a priority. IBM is a global organization that gives you the opportunity to take initiatives, learn so many things and get involved in so many projects. Being a CbDer and, subsequently, an IBMer is a way of life. I am proud of being part of this global team and contribute to make the world a better place. Because this is what IBM does: the world a better place!

My training is at the IBM headquarters in Athens, Greece and what I found when I entered the graduate scheme was just impressive! It is just great and very inspiring to see IBM’s history in the walls of the ground floor next to the Executive’s Room. Additionally, the training is second to none from experts in their fields and there are also so many virtual classrooms giving you the opportunity to interact with other CbDers all across the world and participate in networking and other activities.

I got involved in an international initiative (PoC) so far and I am now working on my first client project in Athens. I was lucky enough to get training on the IBM Cognos BI, IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SMA Cloud Business Solution.

I look forward to posting more about my IBM and CbD experience through this blog!





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