About this blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to Life of CbD!

I will start by introducing myself.
My name is Peggy and I am a new grad at IBM Sweden in the EA Service Line as a SAP consultant. I started to work at IBM on September 1st and found quite limited information on how it was to be a CbD:er before I actually entered the program myself. To be more specific – I read a lot about how great the program was and how it was constructed, but I wanted to read about the program in a “micro level”! The reason why I started this blog is because I want to share how I experience these two years. How is my daily life? Is it worth to be a so-called CbD:er?

When I was configurating this blog, I decided to create categories by countries. I hope other CbD:ers from different countries will join as bloggers and share us their experiences. Me and my colleagues in Sweden are very interested in reading what CbDers in other countries do. Something I want to point out – CbD is a program that runs all over the world. Being a part of it is not only a great way to accelerate your career. It is also incredibly fun! You will frequently interact with different people from all over the world and exchange knowledge with very motivated people. For example, I am going to a SAP bootcamp in Copenhagen next week with CbD:ers from Norway, UK and Denmark. Some CbD-colleagues to me in Sweden are going to London the same week for a training on how to become a good top consultant with CbDers all over the Europe (a mandatory course that all CbDers will take during the two years). This is IBM. This is Consulting by Degrees, a program to develop your leadership and consulting skills. So again. Is it worth to be a so-called CbD:er? Join me and other CbD:ers’ journey on this blog! Welcome!

The construction of CbD
A defined path of the CbD


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