What Are Your Thoughts On “Networking”?

The IBM Consulting by Degrees Blog presents the “Big Question” series, where we will source a series of posts from IBMers to learn about a specific area where individuals have formative thoughts and experiences.

The first theme is Networking.

Networking. It’s a word we’ve seen in many forms. For some, it’s a form of casual advice. For others, it’s a method of survival.

Consider any of these questions: What does networking mean to you? What tips do you find useful to be effective at networking? What are some typical myths associated with networking that you have found to be untrue? What pet peeves do you have about networking? What makes someone successful at networking within a Big Firm? What is a personal challenge you have while networking? What is the line between networking and building a true relationship? How is networking different across cultures? Do you have an embarrassing or inspiring story you have about networking? (Try to use these to spur your train of thought but don’t limit yourself!)

The goal is 200 – 500 words and we are looking for contributions from anyone. If you are an IBMer interested in contributing, please email Kushaan C Shah/Washington/IBM (kcshah@us.ibm.com) 

Whether you have a short anecdote or a persuasive essay, feel free to shoot a message. We look forward to hearing from you!


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