The Best Road Warrior Applications

Antoinette Santos, Boston

According to Nielsen, “consumers are spending more time on their apps than ever before,” but on what applications? With more than 1.2 million SITA mobile phone user(4)applications on the iTunes App store and 1.5 million apps on the Google Play Store, it can be a challenge to choose which applications to put on your phone, and it feels like the technology gods are smiling down upon you when you find the right ones that make your life so much easier. With the help of some Consulting by Degrees consultants, I compiled a list of the most useful applications that will help you in your role as an IBM road warrior:

For picking out where you should go for lunch in a new city… Yelp.

Yelp was heralded by most of the IBMers I asked for being the go-to application when it was time to make a meal time decision. Swarm was also applauded for letting one find what the locals recommend as the best spots and the best dishes to order on the menu.

For getting to the client site or to the restaurant or to the hotel by foot, bus, or car…Google Maps.

Rejoice, the days of printing out directions and purchasing physical maps to navigate are over. My favorite is the beta feature that navigates for you while you are walking.

For paying back a coworker for lunch…Venmo.

The creation of two college roommates who were looking for an easier way to pay each other back, Venmo allows users to safely and quickly transfer money to one another at no cost.

For getting to the airport…Uber.

Though Uber has gotten some bad press for its tactics against its competitors, such as Lyft, as well as the pressure it puts upon its drivers, it is a popular and useful service. It still remains a convenient way to get from point A to point B cheaper and more conveniently then calling a taxi, and it is nice to know the name of your driver before you get in the car.

For keeping your travel agenda in check…Tripcase.

Tripcase is a new application from American Express which automates the process of travel that is booked through IBM. It sends push notifications that keep you informed about the next step in your travel from home to hotel.

For staying in touch with friends… Instagram.

There are many social networks to choose from and even new social networks emerging, such as Ello. One of the most loved is Instagram for its image-oriented way of connecting people.

For when you’re booking flights for vacation… Skyscanner.

There are a plethora of trip planning and flight-booking applications. A favorite of Consulting by Degrees consultants is Skyscanner. If you have yet to accumulate enough frequent flyer miles from your projects and have not yet chosen your airline, Skyscanner does a great job of pitting all the airlines against one another to give you the best flight for your needs. My favorite feature is the option to choose to go anywhere—great if you are picking a new destination based on price.

For taking your meeting notes and writing to-do lists… Evernote.

Evernote lets you organize your notes by notebook and tag, sync to all of your mobile devices, and has plenty of supporting products to help you stay organized. Just be sure to back your notes up.

For when you’re feeling all those late night take-out orders growing your midsection, and it is time to get moving… FitBit.

Technology is making its way into accessories, and the success of fitness devices to help monitor our health are an ingenious combination of technology with day to day life. Though we’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Apple Watch, the growth in this technology is undeniable. FitBit is a great fitness device that is available now. For office fashionistas, there’s even a collaboration with Tory Burch to make these devices more chic.

For when you need to stay up to date on the latest news… Twitter.

Even if tweeting your thoughts, photos, and articles to your network on a regular basis is not your thing, Twitter is great for getting short tidbits of news and finding interesting information on whatever topics you are interested in, provided you follow.

Who to follow, you ask? For the best of IBM: @IBM_NEWS and @IBMWatson. Search “IBM” and follow IBMers in countries all over the world!

For a more visual-based experience, try the Flipboard magazine application to curate your interests and flip through articles of interest.

What applications do you regularly use that make your life easier?

Special thanks to Consulting by Degrees consultants Carter, Victor Colella, Allie Garcia, Austin Hermann, Nick Ludlow, Tim Patron, Erin Silk, Kushaan Shah, Hannah Van Parys and Kyle Wang for their take on the best applications.

Antoinette Santos is a Boston, MA Consulting by Degrees consultant and an alumna of Babson College. She likes pumping herself back to life every morning with black coffee, eating copious amounts of sushi (spicy tuna hand roll, please), and scrapbooking. She likes to go on adventures.

Twitter: @antonwsantos


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