Five Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Slump

By Sam Ellis, Austin, Texas, USA

1. Eating a well-rounded breakfast is the key to pacing your energy all day.  Studies show that not only will you have more energy in the morning, but also you will eat less at lunch. Eating a leaner lunch will help take the edge off the afternoon slump as well as help you lose weight. Wins all around!

2. Exercising regularly will boost your energy levels throughout the day. Who needs caffeine when your endorphins are on full blast? Also, if the weather is nice outside, go for a short walk during a break and catch some Vitamin D while you’re at it.

3. The benefits of sleep are huge. Nothing makes attaining seven to eight hours of sleep/night harder than a 7 a.m. Monday morning flight, but this is why it’s important to try to pace your sleep the rest of the week so you don’t build up  sleep debt.

4. If you find that your afternoon slump typically hits you around 2 or 3 p.m., try to plan a low brain-horsepower activity during that time to get you rolling. Something as simple as knocking out expense reports or some e-learning can help get your wheels in motion.

5. Drinking plenty of water can also help. Dehydration certainly causes fatigue. The eight cups of water battle cry sounds ambitious, but try to always bring a bottle of water to the office so you can easily refill throughout the day.

For more ways to avoid the afternoon slump, check out these cool ‘productivity hack’ tools:

1. BubbleTimer: BubbleTimer is a web app that helps you keep track of how you spend time each day. Users warn that sometimes the results may be shocking, but ultimately it really helps them improve their productivity!

2. StayFocused: StayFocused is a “productivity extension” for Google Chrome that limits the amount of time you spend on “time-wasting” sites. Once you use the allotted time on a certain site, you will be restricted access to it for the rest of the day!  This app is not only great for work, but also outside of work!

3. WriteMonkey: WriteMonkey is perfect if you are working on something that requires your complete focus. Once activated, the tool transforms your screen so you are only left with a simple interface, an ideal writing environment, and your thoughts!


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