Consult the Cook: The Hotel Chef

By Luyba Zeylikman, New York

One of my favorite activities while traveling is going to a local grocery store and shopping for my weekly meals. I wanted to share a fun infographic that I hope helps you navigate the local grocery store and get you to the healthiest ingredients while helping you avoid the traps.

When I go shopping, the biggest factor is whether I’ll have a fridge in my hotel room for the week. Below are some of my favorite foods to shop for when traveling:

With a Fridge:

1) Prepared salad leaves – Usually, I buy kale or dark green leafy mix. I take the olive oil/vinegar packets from the salad bar and bring them back to my room.

2) Quinoa – A great source of nutrients, and you can add it to almost anything!

3) Chickpeas – A good source of protein, and tasty. Sometimes I will buy mild salsa and mix the chickpeas in for an easy on-the-go Mediterranean salad!

4) Yogurt – A great start to the day, and a perfect after workout snack.

5) Almond Butter – Some Whole Foods locations currently have a dispenser where you can make your own flavors – it’s fun and tasty!

No Fridge:

1) Instant Oatmeal – Hint: I boil water in the coffee maker.

2) Fruits! – Bananas, pears, and oranges keep well. You can usually snag some from the hotel lounge as well. When shopping make sure to pick fruit that is ripe or almost ripe since you’ll want to eat it in the next few days.

3) Boxed Soup – Make sure to check the ingredients and nutrition labels. Some brands tend to have a high percentage of sodium and use unnatural ingredients to preserve the food.

4) Canned Tuna – Typically you can find tuna that’s just in water or perhaps some olive oil. Again, watch out for unnatural ingredients and added sodium.

5) Cherry Tomatoes – One of my favorite snacks that doesn’t require refrigeration. Just wash and eat!

Here’s a great resource for smart shopping in grocery stores everywhere:


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