Helping New Hires Hit the Ground Running

Consulting by Degrees Newsletter – North America

By: Consulting by Degrees Content Team & Staff

1. The Consulting by Degrees program pairs new hires with a buddy prior to onboarding. This “buddy” can help the new hire get acclimated to their new city or work location(s) and help them make connections inside and outside of IBM circles. Buddies are known for being great resources to one another and help new hires ramp up as fast as possible.

2. As consultants, many of us criss-cross the country for clients, projects and sometimes just for fun! Racking up airline miles, hotel points and more are tremendous perks that pay dividends for vacations or fun weekend getaways. One of the first lessons we learn, from our buddies or other IBMers, is to get into those loyalty programs and start building those statuses!

3. IBMers always help other IBMers. It’s part of our culture – and one that we are proud of. Before, during and after a new hire starts, we have consistent and regular touchpoints to make sure that no stone is left unturned. It can be tough joining a big company, particularly right out of college, so we encourage all of our veterans to make themselves available for questions – both formally and on an ad hoc basis. In doing so, we smooth the rocky road of transition and make it a smooth ride.


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