Transformation as an Art

By: Ryan Watts, Consulting by Degrees Global Blog & Social Media Lead

Systems, implementations, analytics, architecture, testing – just a small set of terms that most of us have become quite familiar with. What’s missing from that broad bucket of items? Just a little bit of art. The above link provides a thought provoking perspective about how even the most intelligent, thoughtful, productive and technically sound employees can lose touch with the art of what we do. Transformation is an art and we ought not to ignore that side of implementations and change.

Most of us probably don’t consider ourselves “artists,” but maybe we should. The day-to-day interaction with clients and peers isn’t all formulaic. It requires delicacy, touch and sensitivity – even in the toughest of work and social environments. All the natural and acquired skills are nothing without an ability to analyze oneself introspectively. What do you do right now? Are you constantly learning from mistakes? Working to improve weaknesses?

Implementing change at our clients is tough, but making changes to oneself can often be the biggest challenge. What separates ‘fast risers’ from those that stick long term isn’t just hard skills – but often the softest of skills. Similarly, organizations that seek transformations also must look introspectively to analyze how their core beliefs much change in order to truly succeed.

As we grow in our journeys, remember to be open to our own transformational change, trust your gut and adjust constantly.


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