What’s Your Most Memorable Experience Since Joining IBM?

As featured in the May 2013 Consulting by Degrees Newsletter, we asked six of our Consulting by Degrees participants around the world about their most memorable experience since joining IBM. Many of our participants discovered IBM’s dedication to people and growth and wrote about it here:

Compiled by Kristen Pratt

Recounting Experiences in Consulting by Degrees: What’s your most memorable experience since joining IBM?

“My most memorable experience since joining IBM was last year when I participated in a Latin America University event, which took place in São Paulo. The event was full of IBM leaders and it gave me a perfect sense of how far I want to go in my IBM career. It was amazing how proud everyone was to be a part of IBM. All the values that we are talked about when joining the company, those people really live up to them. On that weekend I was completely sure that I made the right decision in becoming an IBMer.”  – Rafaella Dornelas, Brazil

“My memorable experience was when I actually saw my clients using the software, which I’ve coded, in their real business.”- Yuichiro Hasegawa, 長谷川 優一郎, Japan

“Since I first joined IBM in October, I have had the opportunity to work on several IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs (CC&CA) Services Grants. My most memorable experience was hosting a workshop for small business owners who were recovering from damages and losses brought on by Hurricane Sandy. Not only was I humbled by the experiences that these people had recently faced, but I also felt extremely fortunate to be able to help IBM give back to our NYC community.”- Ellen Smith, United States

“The first time that I facilitated a meeting with my client. I was very nervous, but I made it through with the help of my team members. Ultimately, leading that meeting contributed to my team’s goal.”- Shuai Yuan (元 帥) , Japan

“A memorable experience, I believe is any experience that involves our development and grooming. IBM is a prime example of an organization that enables young consultants like us to learn from a multitude of tools and a wealth of knowledge and gain experience from the brightest and the smartest minds in the industry. This may sound overwhelming at first, but the combined package is an experience that is quite memorable!” – Naufal Veqar, Dubai

“Commitment to Improve people skills: One of the things that I like and admire most about IBM is the fact that they demonstrate a strong commitment to train their employees.  Imagine that within just a few weeks since I had joined the company, I got to travel to another country to receive training; and that the CEO, Ginni Rommetty, had guided us to complete at least 40 hours of education per year to help us grow as professionals. I am so happy that they emphasize a strong commitment to personal development.

People are very generous about their time, when it is related to sharing knowledge: I am involved in an initiative with others CbDers that requires me to have relationships with new people and ask for a bit of their time in order to have social knowledge-sharing meetings. At the beginning, I was kind of concerned, because I think people have very little time to share, but some folks told me: IBMers are very generous about their time, when it is related to sharing knowledge .. and that is totally true.” – Rodolfo Alejandro Perez Kuzma, Peru


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