What is Your Dream Project and Where?

As featured in the May 2013 Consulting by Degrees Newsletter, we asked six of our Consulting by Degrees participants around the world about the type of project they would like to work on and where the ideal location of that project would be. As you will see, our participants have the opportunity to interact with other IBM employees globally, and may even be part of a global team, often in a virtual environment. Read more about the projects of these participants’ dreams…

Compiled by Kristen Pratt

Recounting Experiences in Consulting by Degrees: What is your dream project and where?

“I don’t think I have a dream client location or project. I’m at that position where anything new sounds pretty exciting for me. Of course, a project located abroad would bring more challenges, more opportunities to learn from people who have different perspectives from me. But because IBM is a global company, we do not have to be abroad in order to live this experience. Right now, on the project I’m working for, we have people from the US, Spain, and India and the day-to-day contact with these professionals has taught me valuable lessons.”  – Rafaella Dornelas, Brazil

“I have 2 dream client locations, Japan and Africa (especially Zimbabwe). The reason for Japan is, as a Japanese, I want to see my country grow strong in this global business situation. And I would like to work Africa because I lived in Zimbabwe for 4 years. I thought it would be great if I could see these countries take over the global business’ lead.” –Yuichiro Hasegawa, 長谷川 優一郎, Japan

“I would love to be involved in a Strategy and Transformation project with a client in India. I think working in another country, especially India, would be a great way to experience an international business culture at the heart of extreme growth in the global market. It would also be a wonderful way to immerse myself in the culture, get to know locals and truly explore the country. As India continues to grow and develop economically and politically, I would love to be involved with part of the transformation to help the country continue to advance.”- Ellen Smith, United States

“I would like to work in NYC because the headquarters of our company is located in the US. I’m sure there must be  many talented members  there from different countries who are contributing to our global clients. I would love to work with these individuals and contribute to helping the top clients in the world.  In the US, I could meet the global level clients and learn quickly how to meet their expectations.”- Shuai Yuan (元 帥) , Japan

“I would love to work for a client in the banking industry in New York City. The amalgamation of NYC as one of the financial hubs of the world and the sheer exuberance, vivaciousness, and the energy that the city exudes are enough to entice me into pouncing at such an opportunity.” – Naufal Veqar, Dubai

“Nowadays, I am working in my second SAP implementation project in the Insurance Industry. Learning about this industry is a big challenge, but I really like financials so it is a first step in introducing me to the financial sector.  I really would like to be on an international assignment in Brazil, USA, France… why not ?? We are IBMers and everything is possible.” – Rodolfo Alejandro Perez Kuzma, Peru


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