Editor’s Block – Creating Change as a ‘CbDer’

By: Ryan Watts, Washington DC, Global Consulting by Degrees Blog & Social Media Lead


If you haven’t had a chance to take a look or haven’t seen this article spreading like wildfire in various places, here’s your chance.

Consulting by Degree’s own Pierre Gergis had this article published on Forbes on the impact the “Milennial” generation can have in corporations (and many other places). As our generation has begun to spread it’s wings into social media start-ups, politics, law, business and more, we have proven our ability to consistently make an impact.

In his guest column, Pierre highlights this impact and calls on corporations to look more closely at how best to integrate Milennials. With an ability to quickly learn, adapt and ramp up, our potential is staggering and needs to be accounted for.

Fortunately, programs like Consulting by Degrees put us in play to have a variety of experiences. As I shared with a new colleague on a new project just this week, working 6 months on a client site can earn you experiences that some don’t get in a year or more. We ‘drink from the fire hose’ and don’t look back.

But there is room for all organizations to improve and we must push them to make those changes. Years of experience is no longer a prerequisite for success. And experience does not guarantee success or advancement. We as ‘CbDers’ are in a unique position, and in many ways, we get out what we put in. Good luck can be created through hard work, persistence and toughness.

Pierre’s final takeaway (one I agree with and one I’m paraphrasing here) is that old walls are meant to be re-built, re-structured and even torn down. Our greatest value add as Milennials, both in and out of work,  can be to encourage change and challenge the norm. We as CbDers, IBMers and young people have an enormous amount we can add to everything we do.

Well said, Pierre and great work. Let’s all push the envelope and “THINK” more about how we can all create change for the better.


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